New Year Gift to All of our Global Clients! 

Officially, we will now work, on every single day, when you do!

Yes. The Federal Government of UAE has now announced Saturday, Sunday as the weekend. 

We are now in alignment with East and West, for doing business. 

Over the last 20 years of my stay in UAE, we have witnessed progressive alignment of weekends from Thursday 1/2 day & Friday to Friday & Saturday; Now it is Saturday and Sunday. Delicately, respectfully balanced with flexibility to work from home on Fridays.

We now promise you more business connections with our B2B match making on Fridays too. 


190 Countries in 180 Days!

This is the Focus that we are committed to. 

Further to our last post, we have received overwhelming messages from different countries and companies asking if their products have potential in UAE market or not! 

Our answer is…No!!!  The potential is Not only in UAE market but also in all the exports markets from UAE. 

Here is why!

Consumer Goods, Capital Goods, Intermediate Goods, Machinery & Electrical equipment, Stone and Glass and Raw materials. These sectors are on top as they are high value contributors to the total imports. 

Albeit there are other volume contributors too…vegetables, animals, metals, minerals, footwear, textiles, clothing, Plastics & Rubber, and such. 

Products from each one of these sectors are imported as well as re-exported from the UAE! With total imports valued at US$ 288 billion versus total exports valued at US $ 389 billion (yr. 2019), UAE offers a strong market for consumer, industrial and infrastructure products to be imported and re-exported. 

Here is the chart to show % share of total imports (US $ 288 billion) into the UAE by region, in year 2019.  


As we analyse the inverted pyramid, the slope is steep as the top 2 regions contribute to 50% of the import to the UAE and the imports from the region East Asia and Pacific leads by far. 

We mentioned before that UAE is the re-exports hub. Here is an insight into the region that UAE re-exports to.


As Middle East and North Africa is the biggest region that UAE exports to, every other region has a strong reason to build larger, stronger, sustainable trade with UAE. 

Stay tuned for country specific opportunities.

Data Credit – World Integrated Trade Solution, World Bank.


190 Countries in 180 Days!

This is our focus at 

On this platform we aim to inform you about sector wise business opportunities in UAE; we will also assess the imports from each of the 190 countries, represented in country or regional pavilions, during the mega expo event in Dubai.    

For all the countries and their export-oriented companies, this is the time to connect with their potential buyers or distributors or partners in UAE, by utilizing our customised B2B match making service on

Here is to better business in UAE with country focus on our #1 country – United Arab Emirates (UAE). 

December 2nd, 2021, marks the journey to Golden Jubilee year for the UAE. Over the last 50 years, the economy has multiplied and diversified from Oil to include trading, manufacturing, tourism, e-commerce, and energy. The future is focused on building further business with innovations and technology, sustainably. 

As per world bank reports, the UAE is a Net Export country with a positive Trade balance of USD 100 billion. It had a total export of USD 389.37 billion and total imports of USD 288.39 billion. (Yr. 2019)

China, India, Switzerland, Germany, UK, and USA are the top trading partners of UAE. Middle Eastern and African countries and are the main countries to re-export to.  

All the countries and companies stand to gain from our B2B Matchmaking service, if they have unique, life simplifying products or services to offer to any of the sectors below:

Aviation, Oil & Gas (upstream and downstream), Contractors, Technology for these sectors, Solar Energy, Healthcare, Education, HoReCa products and Services, Retail, Fashion and FMCG. 

Review and register on today, to find your business connections.


From Dessert to Business hub

Not long ago, at the beginning of the millennium, the UAE was largely known for its sand dunes, oil riches and trading. 

Today, 20 years later, the country is ready to inaugurate spectacular Expo 2020 built on the vast expanse of the same sand dunes; the economy is well diversified with about 30% riches from oil, 70% from tourism, hospitality, banking, trading, manufacturing, and a logistics hub in the region.   

As we are poised to witness the glory of the inauguration of EXPO 2020, what does this progress mean for all the 191 countries who are participating in the EXPO 2020? What are the opportunities for different countries? In different sectors? 

In the market that seems to have it all in abundance, where would the sustainable opportunities come from? 

In this series, we from team will research and attempt to answer these unknowns.

Stay tuned to understand more from September 30th, 2021.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article are views based on data and observation, by Focus M Marketing Team. These are in no way a statement from any other authority.  


What makes a country wealthy? A trillion-dollar question indeed!

Based on our research, we believe that there are striking similarities between a country and a business. Both need hard facts and soft skills to be wealthy and successful! Both need, long term vision, relevant initiatives, executed brilliantly, to stand out. 

As a UAE based company, we have witnessed history happen and future unfold in the country of UAE. 

The diversification of UAE economy from Oil to trading, infrastructure, logistics hubs, trade exhibitions, sustainability initiatives, creation of iconic landmarks, business inducing environment, inclusive policies in healthcare, employment are the magnet to attract business and leisure tourism to the UAE. 

The current population of UAE is 9.77 million1; while, pre-pandemic, in year 2019, the number of visitors to the country were 16.73 million2. In our assessment, the number of visitors exceeding the resident population of the country, is an important, progressive factor in keeping the economy buoyant. This number is estimated to multiply in the coming year!   

In the business context, this creates a huge demand across industries… travel, hotel rooms, F&B, fashion, finance, retail, healthcare, sourcing, imports & exports, local manufacturing, experiencing the heights atop Burj Khalifa to underwater diving, sustainable energy requirement, open primary and ancillary business opportunities. In a growing economy with accelerating demand, businesses thrive. 

As a business owner when you want to explore the possibilities in UAE, we are here to help you connect and build your business. 

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1 World bank