What makes a country wealthy? A trillion-dollar question indeed!

Based on our research, we believe that there are striking similarities between a country and a business. Both need hard facts and soft skills to be wealthy and successful! Both need, long term vision, relevant initiatives, executed brilliantly, to stand out. 

As a UAE based company, we have witnessed history happen and future unfold in the country of UAE. 

The diversification of UAE economy from Oil to trading, infrastructure, logistics hubs, trade exhibitions, sustainability initiatives, creation of iconic landmarks, business inducing environment, inclusive policies in healthcare, employment are the magnet to attract business and leisure tourism to the UAE. 

The current population of UAE is 9.77 million1; while, pre-pandemic, in year 2019, the number of visitors to the country were 16.73 million2. In our assessment, the number of visitors exceeding the resident population of the country, is an important, progressive factor in keeping the economy buoyant. This number is estimated to multiply in the coming year!   

In the business context, this creates a huge demand across industries… travel, hotel rooms, F&B, fashion, finance, retail, healthcare, sourcing, imports & exports, local manufacturing, experiencing the heights atop Burj Khalifa to underwater diving, sustainable energy requirement, open primary and ancillary business opportunities. In a growing economy with accelerating demand, businesses thrive. 

As a business owner when you want to explore the possibilities in UAE, we are here to help you connect and build your business. 

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1 World bank


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